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Digital Marketing Training Calender

Our Digital Marketing Training is suited for all, thereby making it convenient and affordable. Kindly choose your convenient time from our calender below.
Date/Duration Training Course Time


February 18th -22nd Digital Marketing training (Beginners) Weekday
February 25th - March 15th Digital Marketing training (Advanced) Weekday


March 18th -22nd Website design Weekday
March 23rd Digital Marketing strategies for 2019 Weekend
March 20th - 27th Content Marketing Weekday
March 25th – 29th Digital Marketing training (Beginners) Weekday


April 15th- 19th Website design Weekday
April 22nd- 29th Content Marketing Weekday
April 22nd-30th SEO Weekday


May 2nd -15th Digital Marketing training (Beginners) Weekday
May 4th, 11th & 18th Graphics and Creatives Weekend
May 25th Fundamentals of Google Analytics (Free training) Weekday


June 3rd-28th Digital Marketing training (Advanced) Weekday
June 6th -10th Advanced training on Link Building Weekday
June 11th -17th Marketing Automation training Weekday
June 18th- 28th Social Media Marketing Weekday


July 6th Digital Marketing strategies for 2019 Weekend
July 15th – 19th Website Design Weekday
July 20th, 27th & 3rd August Creative Design training Weekdend
July 23rd – 29th Advanced training on Copywriting Weekday


August 5th – 23rd Digital Marketing training (Beginners) Weekday
August 24th Email Marketing Master Class Weekdend
August 31st WordPress Setup training (Free Training) Weekend


September 9th – 27th Digital Marketing training (Advanced) Weekday
September 21st Developers hangout (website) Weekdend
September 28th Social Media Marketing Masterclass Weekend


October 7th – 11th SEO training Weekday
October 12th Conversion Optimization Masterclass Weekdend
October 21st – 25th Content Marketing Training Weekday


November 6th – 13th Email Marketing Training Weekdend
November 11th – 29th Digital Marketing training (Beginners) Weekday
November 25th – 29th Website Design Weekday


December 2nd – 20th Digital Marketing training (Advanced) Weekday
Total Schedules 34

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