GlobalTrust MCSL Case Study

GlobalTrust MCSL

GlobalTrust MCSL wanted to launch their products and service which is basically to enable customer’s access loan within twenty four (24) hours. The organization was set to make some impact by creating a society where individuals can access fast loans and attend to immediate needs.

This was the primary aim of the company but they had to put this idea into a more actionable step to ensure they fulfill their set goals.

Client: GlobalTrust MCSL
Project type: Integrated Digital Marketing Services


Increase in traffic

GlobalTrust MCSL Increase in Traffic


Increase in Leads

GlobalTrust MCSL Increase in Leads


Over time, GlobalTrust MCSL was faced with the challenge of low demand for loans which resulted in excess funds lying dormant while they serviced investors’ interest.

They simply needed to give out the loans to customers in order to remain profitable.


We mapped out specific strategies to ensure they acquired more leads, converted them into paying customers and hence, grow revenue.

  • We redesigned their website to make it more user friendly
  • We also tailored campaigns on social media platforms particularly Facebook and Google to further boost the firms brand awareness and generate more leads
  • Performed search engine optimization on the website to enable it rank on the first page of search results when people query search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing using keywords that are relevant to its brand, products or services
  • We deployed an interactive Live Chart application on the website for prospects or customers to be attended to in real-time over their website
  • We deployed a blog on their website and setout writing and distributing content to leverage the power of content marketing
  • Also, an email marketing foundation strategy was deployed to enable them build an email list by requesting people to give them consent to enter into correspondence with them
GlobalTrust MCSL Alexa


For their budget, an average of 50 leads were being delivered to their designated email per day for onward conversion to actual customers at a cost of $0.1 dollars per conversion. They are also ranking on the first page on Google search results for relevant keywords.

Restructuring their website resulted into having a friendlier website, which is easy to navigate for both prospects and customers.

With above 50 leads and still on the count, the company is no longer worried about having excess funds with less loan demands. According to our analysis, lead acquisition has risen to above 70% comparing with previous statistics.

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