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Base Assets CSL

Accessing loans have been a bit of a challenge for most people especially when they expect funds to attend to an abrupt need. For Base Assets CSL, it is more of an emergency saver where you can access loans within one (1) hour.

Creating an aggregate of efficiency and prompt service delivery for both leads and customers became the paramount objective. To guarantee this, some certain strategies needed to be put in place to improve on and foster the smooth running of the organization.

Client: Base Assets CSL
Project type: Integrated Digital Marketing Services


Increase in traffic

Base Assets CSL increase in Traffic


Increase in Leads

Base Assets CSL increase in Leads


There is always a stern need to achieve objectives but only when the right measures are put in place. Base Assets CSL saw the need to improve on their general business outlook, so they employed our services and we were right there as always to deliver.

  • The company was faced with the depressing need for more leads to access their loaning service
  • Also, there was a need to create a new website due to the fact that it was not optimized in regards to SEO standards which was causing them a huge lose on leads


  • We were able to create a standard website which enabled lead acquisition
  • We ensured that their website was in sync with the required SEO standard to enable them rank on the first pages on search engines when a search is made using relevant key words
  • Also, we maximized the power of content marketing by creating a blog and distributing content to further increase the number of lead conversion
  • Campaigns were also created on Google and Facebook to further heighten the company’s awareness
  • Crafted out an email marketing strategy to boost their lead conversion
  • The brand online reputation is being managed to avoid any form of degradation for the company
Base Assets CSL Alexa


When we launched the website, we had over 20 leads applying for a loan facility each day. Also, they witnessed a rapid growth of about 90% with reference to what was formally obtainable.

We have also been able to achieve a great deal of success in managing their online reputation from all forms of vices on the internet to protect the company’s integrity.

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